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Our physicians are experts in treatments all around the prostate; they combine years of experience with modern methods. In addition, we offer general urological examinations such as urinary stream examinations, rectal examination and a complete sonographic examination including prostate and testicles. Our specialists will be happy to help you with urological tumour prevention, kidney stone prevention and kidney stone analysis at any time.

Our team of experts also has vast experience with so-called andrological diseases such as erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction), abnormal ejaculation (ejakulatio precocious, anorgasmia), fertility problems, libido and drive disorders and disorders of hormone metabolism in testicular function (hypogonadism).

Get advice from our experts and experience a clinic with the highest comfort and all-round service.

About the Destination
The Clinic is situated right on the famous “Königsallee”, Dusseldorf’s premier shopping street, next to the historic old town of Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is connected to the world via the Dusseldorf International Airport (only 20 minutes ride), one of the busiest and most striking airports in Europe. The “Rheinbahn” moves throughout the city, while the “Deutsche Bahn” railway (only 5 minutes ride from and to Central Railway Station) network opens the entire country to explore.
Clinic of Medical Experts
Königsallee 11
40212 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 – 211 – 63 55 22 – 0
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